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Travelling in Croatia.

After wanting to travel to Croatia for some years now and to leave behind the norm of Spanish holidays (even though I do love Spain), we finally made it to Sibernik, a beautiful city not far from Split, the extremely hospitable Amadria Park. I normally but travel guides, maps and plan out our whole trip however with a house move just two weeks before the trip, I was drowning in anything other than packing.

We ventured blind into the unknown and strangely enough, for the first time in the six week holidays. With no.1 daughter, however, starting high school in September, we thought it best not to take the children out of school. We always had the go ahead to do so...we just planned better this time.

We arrived in a lush land of olive trees, an abundance of lavender and green trees. A mix, from past travels, of Italian and Spanish terrain, I was pleasantly surprised.

Church of the Holy Spirit
Crkva sv Duha nalazi

The weather was extremely hot however reaching 40 degrees on one day when we decided to walk to the top of the old town in Sibernik. We quickly decided to leave after the little one began to struggle however decided to return one evening for dinner. The quaint streets were filled with Renaissance architecture and small craft shops, court yard coffee shops and Franciscan gardens.

The new church
Nova crkva

We mostly spent the time in the sea and the pool giving the children the ability to play and to keep cool and took small trips here and there to keep our thirst for adventure and discovery fulfilled.

The boat trip to Krka National Park was such a pleasure and the park itself was a beautiful site filled with natural delights, however the park was over populated with tourists and was difficult to manoeuvre around with the children. The natural waterfalls were an ideal swimming pool with a shallow depth and were so refreshing to dip into to cool off from the hot August sun.

Cathedral of Sibernik
Sibernik katedrala

The locals were so friendly to us and extremely helpful and almost perfect English. I felt quite guilty not knowing the language at all. We were extremely well looked after the whole holiday and cannot wait to explore Croatia more next year.

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