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The White Closet X Harvey Nics

Over the years, a lot of my brides have chosen to venture from all over the UK to visit my little town of Manchester (maybe not so little). This trip has not been to visit me. No. It's to visit The White Closet in the lovely village of Didsbury, a super cool urban village with vegan cafes and plant shops...what more could you want?

So I've been working with Millie at The White Closet for a while now and have loaned her dresses myself for numerous shoots and photography workshops. I even shot her brand shoot when she renovated the shop last year.

She holds a beautiful collection of dresses from designers across the glove including LA and the Ukraine including Alena Leena and Newhite, as well as British designers such as Halfpenny. Ever fashion forward, she's always going above and beyond to not only give brides the fastest trend but to actually be a part of that trend herself by inspiring brides.

So when I was invited to shoot The Bridal Masterclass at Harvey Nichols, it was just another element to The White Closet that elevated her brand. After purchasing their dress with Millie, brides are invited to Harvey Nichols to shop their accessories for the wedding day with a personal assistant. Say what?

So this morning, brides and their besties and mums arrived for a special breakfast with pastries and champagne. Millie had brought some of her Halfpenny dresses in from the boutique and draped the mannequins in luxurious fabric. The ladies were surrounded with sparkly products from boutiques in His including Jimmy Choo (I always wondered how all my brides wore Jimmys!) Valentino (OMG they're insane) bridal handbags, Bobby Brown make up, APM Monaco jewellery, Advanced Nutrition for the best skin on your wedding day and dresses for your hen and evening party, including 16arlington. We were all kids in a candy store. Can you imagine!

The girls at Bobby Brown gave a brilliant demonstration on the important of make up and an mua on your wedding day and as I left, all the brides had flooded the counter to buy their goodies!

What a lovely experience for brides and their favourite people to have a wonderful shopping experience. The girls left with goodie bags I was rather envious about...what a treat!

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