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Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I don't know about you, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting old...ish, but the perfect Sunday afternoon for me is a glass of red wine and spending the whole day in the kitchen. Whether it's baking or cooking, listening to Spotify...on our new Sonos that I absolutely love.

Having children means those days of going out for brunch and dinner are long gone. My kids are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to eating out. We did actually make it out for brunch yesterday to a friends place. That was acceptable, it's not fine dining or anything and we know them pretty well. We managed to have a nice hour of so before one of them became a little bit hyperactive and wouldn't sit at the table any longer. In hindsight, that's actually pretty amazing they lasted that long!

I'm actually enjoying chilling out at the weekends. Up until mid October, I worked almost every weekend. We're in down time season, or at least non-wedding season with still lots of admin, so it means I get more weekends off than not until April.

I think by December I'll be pulling may hair out and needing to get out and see some culture, go out with the girls and have dinner-without having to take a rucksack full of earphone, iPads and colours.

The rents just left after spending the night...they live 120 miles away...

And even though we made a wonderful dinner and sat at the table like normals, I didn't get chance to take photos of the food or even make dessert. We had store bought profiteroles instead. Have you ever tried to make profiteroles? Messy business but so worth it.

Unfortunately for them, I made chocolate cake after they left...and had yesterdays left over stifado for dinner. The kids ate the cake...At least it kept them quiet for 3.5 minutes.

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