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Stock Farm Autumn Wedding

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

An intimate ceremony in the heart of Cheshire at Tatton Estates Stock Farm.

Cheshire is brimming with barns and farm land so when we I spotted Tatton Farm with it's vibrant, strong rich colours and wheat fields, it was a perfect spot for a Vanitas shoot.

Tatton hold weddings throughout the year and are lucky enough to have a beautiful cottage on site for the bridal party. It's quite tempting to have the place to yourselves all weekend, perhaps having dinner the evening before your wedding with your bridal party. I'm often asked to attend more than one day at a wedding and photograph dinner and champagne the day before as well as a celebration the day after. It's the perfect way to celebrate.

My photography is a mix of editorial and documentary depending on what I'm photographing and the style, personality of my couple and their guests. I would always suggest a face to face meeting when couples are first thinking of booking me. I love getting to know my bride and groom and it allows the wedding day to flow a lot easier as they tend to be more relaxed around me.

I would also suggest a pre-wedding shoot too. These have been invaluable for my couples to get to know me and how I work, as well as finding out more about how they interact together. Plus, they get a beautiful collection of relaxed photos to keep and send to their family, maybe even use for 'Save The Dates' and Christmas cards.

This shoot below included some of the finest Cheshire suppliers I know.

Cake by Cakes By Yolk

Dress via 7th Heaven Bridal

Make Up by Satyrion

Flowers The Rose Boutique

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