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Rixo London Fashion Week

As they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know...

When my bride Emma messaged me to say she'd put my name forward to be the official film photographer at Rixo's London Fashion Week show, I couldn't quite believe it. Emma and I had previously spoken about her role as a textile designer at Rixo and I loved that all her bridesmaids and her mum wore her designs for her wedding.

See Emma's wedding here...

I had a call with their marketing team just a few days before LFW...weirdly enough it was a Saturday and I was free...see, somethings ARE meant to be. However, this ended up being the busiest week of my career! Can you believe it!?

Here's how it went...

Wednesday night I drove down to the outskirts of London and stayed in a little B&B in preparation for Thursday's Central London wedding.

Thursday morning I caught a bus...right? And then jumped on a tube to get to my bride's bridal preparation location. This was a six hour wedding with around 15 guests so it was a super lovely and relaxed.

Thursday evening I drove down to Devon...right? to meet up with my second shooter at a little cottage I'd booked. She'd already spent the evening with my couple shooting their welcome dinner so we caught up and went over the logistics for the following day.

Friday morning we woke and shot an 11 hour wedding with a grand finale of sparklers and a surprise fireworks display!

Saturday morning I woke around 5.30am and started my journey back up to London to shoot Rixo's show at LFW (details below). A few hours later I was on a total high that I had managed to shoot all that film AND run into one of my influencer brides at the show (Bubbly Aquarius that is). With a late afternoon finish, I started making my way back home to Cheshire for a good night's sleep.

Sunday morning I woke and made my way up to County Durham for a wedding at Middleton Lodge...

Utterly exhausted, I decided to stay locally that evening and make my way home the next morning...

What a week! Worth it? You betcha. Would I do it all again? Nope.

I'm a lot more careful with my time now and in tune with what my limits are. However, working in a creative's difficult to say no. I genuinely love what I do! In fact, Sunday's wedding ended up being one of my favourite weddings EVER!!!! Want to see it? Click here...

So...back to London Fashion Week...

I shot on a mixture of 35mm and 120mm (analogue film) varied across three different's some of my favourite shots.

The whole vibe of the show was incredible, from the music to the dresses and the beautiful mix of models from all ages, races and sex...Rixo absolutely nailed it. What they're doing in the fashion scene is something to be admired and shooting their LWF show, entirely on film, is something I won't forget in a hurry!

I even got to work alongside my bride Emma as well on the day! She felt like a total bestie. I love my brides!

Being the official film photographer was so much fun yet challenging. Everyone was either shooting videos on their phone, had digital cameras, LED panels for extra lighting and some even had light reflectors. Everyone wanted to capture the whole atmosphere of the day and the gorgeous models and dresses.

However, only myself and the official photographer Romi Lux only got to shoot and direct behind the scenes....LOVED IT! Just something a little special I will treasure in my portfolio forever. Plus Romi is a babe!

Now....when's the next one and anyone need a photographer???

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