Perfect Family

Having very little weddings this year and missing shooting incredibly, I decided to turn back to photographing my lovely families. Before I became a wedding photographer I would love to photograph new borns, families and soon to be mummies.

This is how I fell in love with photographing people and emotion.

I met Leanne years ago as a friend of a friend. She has a business as a children's party host and we recruited her for my seven year old's Frozen birthday party. My daughter is twelve now!

Leanne arrived dressed as Elsa and her assistant dressed an Anna. It was perfect and my little girl had the best day.

Leanne asked me to shoot her brand images for her website and we played princess' in the park. What a sight for the onlookers. The kids would stop and watch. They loved it! I won't be showing those today unfortunately. Maybe another time.

Leanne and I arranged a family shoot for her beautiful family last week. I was so excited to meet the children properly as the last time I saw Leanne she was expecting little Chester. Leanne and Ben's daughter, Ellie has also just recovered from leukaemia. Ellie had been extremely poorly from the age of four and fought long and hard with the support of her gorgeous family by her side and her two brothers.

Meet Stan, Ellie and Chester.

Ellie is currently raising money for a children's cancer charity, kidscan. If you'd like to support Ellie and other children like her, please visit the page for more info.

Thank you Leanne and

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