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Most Curious Manchester

Oh when you are just in love with Most Curious Wedding Fair and then then arrive in your home town! Only three weeks ago I went to see the crazy party in London and was so happy to jump on a 30 minute train ride for this one.

I went to see some of my fav industry mates exhibit at this one. I totally missed the fashion show because I was talking too much to my lovelies.

Starting off with Hannah Matilda, my go to cake mate. Crazy talented pastry chef turned cake maker, she is just the loveliest person EVER.

Then onto another Hannah from Knock Knock Penny Studio, whom I met only last week for the first time after being a massive admirer of her work. Beautiful stand Hannah, that fella of yours is the best carpenter. Team work!

Onto Bex from Jean Jackson Couture. The ladies who bring Australian designers like 'Grace Loves Lace' to Britain! Mother and daughter team with a killer sense for style.

Frog killed it as always with his stunning vintage maximalist installation for the runway. I saw Davide do the London show a few years back and it blew my mind. Awesome Davide!

My mates Zuzi and Seb were exhibiting as 'Stella Photography'. Literally THE loveliest bunch of people in the entire world. And they have the best work ethic. HAVE FUN! Such a great team.

The White Closet has some new designers in their beautiful little Didsbury store. Millie is so lovely and I can't wait to team up with her again soon and create some magic!

Adorn by Ashley surprised me that she was exhibiting. Another supplier I met the week before at a wedding fair. She makes the dreamiest bridal headpieces, veils and accessories. Something a little different from the norm and also sustainable. Ask about her milk bottle jewellery!

And finally, Romina Fochesatto. Romina and I have a little (quite big actually) project coming up. She's the Argentinian dress designer bringing a whole new look to the bridal community. And she's making something very special just for our project.

I couldn't resist to take some photographs, after all, we are in my home town of Manchester and these guys are some of my favourite wedding supplies ever.

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