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Iscoyd Park Open Day

Iscoyd Park has always been the type of venue that I have dreamed of photographing and having on my portfolio. So when I shot my first question there it was a magical dream come true. Red floral was the florist and the bride had worn an Ian Stewart gown. And it was just the most wonderful day and I felt so privileged to be a part of it all.

Most recently, I was asked to photograph Sophie and Peter's wedding...(soon to be featured on Love My Dress). I jumped to the chance, especially as the bride had specifically asked me to photograph her wedding on 35mm analogue film. It was a huge challenge for me as I'd always shot on both digital and film, never just film. Being a hybrid photographer means carrying three camera's with me at all times and and making informed choices between what camera and lenses I feel are appropriate at those times.

There's a huge difference in the images between digital and analogue so when Iscoyd told me they were holding an Open Day, I wanted to return to get some digital photographs as well of the beautiful spaces.

Red Floral had a huge presence in the day, decorating the house, the marquee and the coach house. and The one aspect I love about Red Floral is ability to create different themes and styles to appeal to a varied range of couples in different rooms. This gives clients ideas about how they can decorate different aspects of the house, the marquee and the coach house to showcase that not only do they have a varied set of skills, they can work with very various types of flowers and styles, within all different seasons, regardless of the season and weather.

Red Floral has a huge fun element aspects to them. Also, and, which is one of the things I love about them. The team are fantastic and I always get me a big hug whenever I see them all. I always love working with them. I also got to see some wonderful photographers that I really admire. The wedding industry can be a really wonderful industry to work in when suppliers support each other.

The Little Paper Shop featured her stationary throughout the rooms, as well as White House Crockery with their tableware.

The Word Is Love provided some beautiful wording and backdrop lighting to create a party atmosphere in the marquee.

Bloomsbury Cakes Exhibited the most beautiful and modernistic cakes! I do love her work, and they taste so wonderful too.

Thank you for having me Iscoyd, it was a pleasure and I can't wait to be back there soon!

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