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How to plan a micro wedding

The best part of photography any wedding is the emotion. They're the most memorable elements for me and I still get a tear in my eye thinking of previous weddings I've had the pleasure of shooting. Alongside the emotions, the details play a part. The small things invoke emotion and memories in years to come.

In a previous life, I coordinated weddings and events. It was an absolute dream and I loved my time working with my couples and seeing it through and waving them goodbye the next morning. Always so emotional.

Planning a huge wedding can be overwhelming, there's so much to think about and so many guests to consider. However with a smaller number of guests AND suppliers, you can concentrate on the small things.

Choose a photographer that can capture not only the details of your wedding day, the elements you've spent the most money on, such as your jewellery and rings, your florals, your food, but also spend a time making sure these images are perfection and captured in the best light. They need to be able to photograph raw emotions and moments, interactions and intimacy. Being able to do this on a digital camera with only still images that capture a fraction of a second can be a challenge....for some people. Choose someone who can shoot the tears, the love, the excitement and the laughter.

You also want to look back at your wedding photos are cherish the intimate moments you both shared together as a couple. The little touches, the glances, the kisses. That intimacy needs to be present in these digital little squares called pixels.

With that being said, I'm a hybrid photographer with a love for capturing movement in still images. I not only photograph on digital cameras, I also bring my bad boy analogue camera too and shoot on film. So when I deliver your final gallery, you have real tangible prints in your package.

I shot this on film!!

Your florals are so important on your wedding day and I would always suggest to book your floral designer second, after your venue and photographer. An average wedding of 100 guests would expect to have ten to twelve tables with florals on each one. With a micro wedding, your table designs can be so much more meaningful and you can afford to splurge as create something really magical with smaller numbers. Choose a florist that your photographer has worked with previously. When choosing your suppliers, it's important to make sure your style is aligned with your suppliers and by carefully picking how you want your wedding to look, it's ideal to know the photography style and floral style will work so well together.

Even planning a micro wedding can be daunting, which is when wedding planners can play a part in your day. At whatever process you're at, your planner can suggest the best photographers and florists that align with your style. It's important that the whole team not only work well together on the day, but also that we're true to your desires of how you want your wedding to look.

I work with such a wonderful network of suppliers all over the UK and would always recommend suppliers I've had the pleasure of working with previously. That was you can trust the team working on your wedding and know they'll have your best interests at heart.

Florals in last image by Agnes and Bee.

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