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Sometimes, just two people is all that's' need to create some magic. And I don't mean romantically.

I'd teamed up with The White Closet and Jacqui O Flowers to create a small editorial to shoot the amazing Charlie Brear trouser bridal outfit. I'm obsessed with trouser suits and have been for so long. Remember those pants with a wrap skirt attached from around 20 years ago? Yeah?? Then you know what I mean if you're in love with trousers on your wedding day too.

The chosen shoot day arrived and the heavens opened. Unfortunately all didn't go to plan so I scheduled another day a week later and drove to an unknown location 50 miles away from my home to a completely unknown location based on the description my model gave me. I had no idea what I was driving this shoot was going to go. Once again, it was raining and I was playing the conversation over in my head between myself and Millie at the bridal boutique, why yet again, I hadn't shot the outfit.

I arrived at my model friends home and we chose shoes and accessories whilst she put other own make up...she's a bit of an influencer.

Nerves started to heighten and we left her home armed with umbrellas and bouquets.

Was this going to be a complete waist of my time?

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