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Beach Engagement

Engagement shoots have always been an essential aspect for my wedding photography package. My couples have always been a little hesitant about these, or at least one half of them has.

However, after they tell me how much fun they had and even though it was a little strange having their photograph taken and their relationship being the. main focus of what I do, they're pleased they were persuaded to take part.

For some couples, the engagement shoot is the first time we've met and I think that is so extremely important to build up a lovely rapport and to allow yourself to be comfortable, not only around me, but me equipment.

That being said, I'm a respectful photographer, giving my couples and their guests space. I use specific lenses to do this and also my brand of camera allows me to choose small lenses that don't seem overwhelmingly scary!

My couples tell me I'm ninja like, being everywhere at once, moving silently and inconspicuously. However with enough interaction with all the guests to get the best photos, the best laughs and the poses.

For example, at one wedding, the bride wore a beautiful cathedral veil and I wanted to capture her walking down the aisle with her father. However it was heavily raining and all her bridesmaids snuck inside the small vestibule and stood crammed. One of them would have had to have stepped outside into the rain to straighten the veil for that all important photos.

Well we couldn't let that happen could we? So I played bridesmaids for 30 seconds, straightening the veil and allowing it to flow freely before I dropped it to the ground as she and her father walked forward.

My interaction is minimal however important.

Henry and Hannah were nervous about our engagement shoot and I was a little worried as Henry appeared extremely uncomfortable when we met. Within 5 minutes, they were pros and looked like they were made for the camera. Within one hour, we'd got to know each other, I'd learned all about their plans for the wedding, and got some incredible, fun and intimate photographs of them both.

I love these. Thank you H&H. See you in 6 weeks for your wedding!!

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