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A Spring French Wedding

Updated: May 3

Happy Anniversary to Kat and Si, who this week, celebrated their first wedding anniversary. After the heart break of having to postpone their French wedding numerous times they decided to cancel and have a civil ceremony at Marylebone with less than 20 guests, all masked up.

Their French venue said that they could use the chateau for a celebratory party or holiday instead, so that was the plan....a big holiday with their closest friends in South West France near Bordeaux. Yet just a few months after their Marylebone wedding, which I shot and a few month before their holiday with friends, I received the most wonderful email asking me to be their photographer.

At this point they had decided to hold a celebration of their wedding with the people they love the most who couldn't make the London civil service to covid restrictions. Katherine and Simon's best friend Josh officiated the special.

So this week, I decided to send them an anniversary gift. During the wedding day, I shot a little of Super 8mm film to practise. It was my first time shooting super 8mm and thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

Do you want to see the finished piece?'s super made Kat cry all the same when I sent it to her yesterday...The song is the Philamonic Orchestra version which the couple chose to walk into their ceremony together in front of their family and friends.

Here's some of the highlights from their wedding, recently featured in print in The Together Journal.

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