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A Rainy London Love Story

As photographers, we always have a favourite when it comes to weather. And rain wasn't one of mine. However that wasn't on mine when I left home one Friday morning from a sunny Cheshire on my way to central London to meet my couples for their pre-wedding mini session.

Kate had messaged to say it was raining in London and I was so upset for them...however they didn't mind and Kate had even quickly researched some shots she liked featuring umbrellas.

I think the magic between these two actually made the rain look more romantic as we discussed the plans for their weddings day and their vision for photography.

Kate and Chris have a story to tell about their love for each other and I loved being able to shoot the rawness between them...

I try and meet with all my couples before their allows me to get to know you better and to understand your love language, how you move and flow with each other.

Plus I get to shoot magic...

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