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A garden of dreams

Having photographed a wedding last year at Dorfold Hall and being delighted to find that Carol Siddorn was the florist for the day, it's taken us both over a year to arrange a meet up following this, at her Cheshire flower farm less than 40 miles from my home.

I've been a great admirer of Carol's work for some time and have been in complete awe that she grow all her own floral and supplies to many other wonderful florists around the U.K also,

I've photographed her flowers many times since when working with various wedding florists who have picked and bought from her beautiful garden in the hillside. The wait was worth it all.

Especially meeting beautiful Charlie, a cross breed chocolate Labrador who had nothing but energy and affection for me from the moment I arrived.

Carol showed me her process of choosing and cutting flowers for a seasonal bouquet and we played teacher and student whilst playing with backdrop compositions and flat lay straight lines. Amongst being a talented gardener and florist, she's also a wonderful photographer and taught me a different perspective on photography.

Thank you for letting me into your beautiful secret haven Carol. And thank you Charlie for being a wonderful model.

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