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Taking you Miles and Miles into your future...

Come Follow Me...


I'm Emmy, the founder of Emmy Shoots and Miles Workshop

With a bachelors degree in


I studied everything from art direction to cinematography, fine art photographic prints to set design.

Photography and event planning are my passion. Quite early on in my career I began planning and creating largh production shoots.


My work has been published on

The Lane, Together Journal, Bride and Tonic, Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding.


Mastering your own art


positioning your business

What you'll take away with you from our workshops...



The tools and platform to create the brand you've dreamed of through

brand association with bridal designers and vendors from the far corners.

A mix of ambitious photographers with varying styles and experiences in

support groups with photographers that will guide and assist you.

Meticulously planned shoots and workshops to inspire

and motivate you to master your own change.

Coaching and mentoring

The chance to relax and unwind amongst like minded professionals

with ambition and drive to learn from each other.


Connections that will last a lifetime...

Image by Laura Martha

Support and guidance from Emmy


First access to Emmy Shoots' debut colour release Lightroom presets.

 When attending a workshop, beautiful galleries to use for your portfolio

featuring all the brands you want to work with.

Connections that will last a lifetime. Through both brand association and the

people you'll be surrounding yourself with.


Access to Emmy Shoots' workflow templates including

Wedding Workflow in Excel, and client Finer Details,

Products such as 'How to be a good second shooter',

'How to plan a styled shoot' and more...

What we offer...




A natural element of what I do to assist fellow photographers and vendors in the wedding industry.


Sessions will recommence in October 


Fine Art Film

Shooting with film gives the greatest of liberties with the freedom to take a step back, take a

moment, reflect and shoot.

I started shooting film 8 years ago and shot my first wedding on film 7 years ago.

I still chose that very first camera for the majority of my film weddings. 

It's an art form, a freedom of expression not compliant within the realms of standard technically correct forms of photography. 

It's a gift.

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